Part 5: statistics

The statistics, for the terminally numerical among us:
Distance: 1200 miles (Missoula airport to Edmonton airport)

888 miles (Great Parks North tour only)
Time: 25 full days, 26 nights (airport to airport)
Average speed: 2 mph including all stops
3 mph waking time only -- in other words, I could have gone the same distance by walking 16 hours a day
48 miles/day
Rolling average -- haven't the foggiest
Maximum speed: 43 mph
Broke 40 mph: 2 days
Broke 30 mph: all but two of the actual traveling days
Longest day: 85 miles (Hinton to Carrot Creek)
Crank revolutions: 600,000 (estimated)
Bytes in report: 100,000 (approximately)
Elevation gain: no good idea. Most days had lots of up and down, so either lots of large-scale topo maps or an altimeter would be needed to obtain this. Jerry's altimeter indicated that we were climbing about twice what we could tell from the maps along the Icefields Parkway. However, we spent more time following rivers than climbing passes, so the elevation gain would not be particularly impressive.
Tallest climb: about 3000 feet (Logan Pass)
Steepest labelled upgrade: 11% for a short distance (Sinclair Pass)
(most upgrades do not exceed 6%)
Maximum elevation: 6788 feet (Bow Pass) on the road, maybe 200 feet higher at the outlook over Peyto Lake at Bow Pass, probably a good bit higher on Athabaska Glacier
Minimum elevation: just under 3000 feet along the Kootenay River -- probably the lowest point is at the fish hatchery
Bicycle: Lotus Eclair, white with blue trim. Since my wife's middle name is Claire, she likes my bike.
Gearing: 25 inch low. Nothing else really matters. Wished I had an 18 inch low.
Weight of bike with gear: about 70 pounds (excluding water)
Mechanical problems (group): rear tire troubles (see text), bent seatstay courtesy of the airline (mine), one broken spoke, fairly moderate complement of flats, one rack broken at the welds, lots and lots of squeaks and strange rattles, one rim discovered cracked in Jasper
Days with rain actually on the body or tent: 17
Days with rain visible: every single one
Time actually riding in rain: 30 hours (wild guess)
Centuries ridden: none
Postcards sent: 57
Laundromats: 13 (Lynda has the list to prove it)
Theme song: Singing the Clouds Away
Dogs: none
Bears: two (for the group, none for me)
Bicyclists: 1 - 10 (see text)
Personals: ages 31 - 51 years; one birthday on the road. Six men, two women (unusual distribution for Bikecentennial tours, which often have more women than men) came from California, Colorado (2), Florida, Montana, South Carolina, Maine, Holland
Group budget: US$13.50/day/person. (This covers all food, camping and lodging fees, entrance fees, and incidental group expenses. If the group is under budget, the excess can be spent any way the group agrees on.)
Milage distribution (including Jasper - Edmonton):

0 - 9 miles: 3 days

10 - 19 miles: 0 days

20 - 29 miles: 4 days

30 - 39 miles: 2 days

40 - 49 miles: 4 days

50 - 59 miles: 9 days

60 - 69 miles: 2 days

70 - 79 miles: 2 days

80 - 89 miles: 1 day
The itinerary (milages are actually ridden, not the exact distances between locations):
Day 1 6/27 Missoula, MT airport to Birchwood Hostel 6 miles
Day 2 6/28 Missoula and Pattee Canyon 25 miles
Day 3 6/29 Missoula to Seeley Lake 57 miles
Day 4 6/30 Seeley Lake to Swan Lake 64 miles
Day 5 7/1 Swan Lake to West Glacier 54 miles
Day 6 7/2 West Glacier to Glacier National Park (Avalanche Creek CG) 22 miles
Day 7 7/3 Avalanche Creek to St Mary's 35 miles
Day 8 7/4 St Mary's, MT to Waterton, AB 48 miles
Day 9 7/5 Rest day in Waterton 0 miles
Day 10 7/6 Waterton to Lundbreck Falls CG 53 miles
Day 11 7/7 Lundbreck Falls, AB to Fernie, BC 43 miles
Day 12 7/8 Fernie to Fort Steel CG 59 miles
Day 13 7/9 Fort Steel to Fairmont Hot Springs 56 miles
Day 14 7/10 Fairmont Hot Spgs to Radium Hot Spgs 36 miles
Day 15 7/11 Radium Hot Spgs to Marble Canyon CG 56 miles
Day 16 7/12 Marble Canyon CG, Kootenay NP, BC to Tunnel Mt CG, Banff, AB 51 miles
Day 17 7/13 Rest day in Banff 20 miles
Day 18 7/14 Tunnel Mt CG to Lake Louise CG 53 miles
Day 19 7/15 Lake Louise CG to Ramparts CG 60 miles
Day 20 7/16 Ramparts CG to Jonas Creek CG 41 miles
Day 21 7/17 Jonas Creek CG to Jasper 48 miles
Day 22 7/18 Jasper to Hinton 50 miles
Day 23 7/19 Hinton to Carrot Creek CG 85 miles
Day 24 7/20 Carrot Creek CG to Wabamun Lake park 71 miles
Day 25 7/21 Wabamun Lake to Leduc 78 miles
Day 26 7/23 Rest day in Leduc 22 miles
Day 27 7/24 Leduc to Edmonton International Airport 4 miles
    due to rounding, slightly less than the actual total 1200 miles