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All art work is by Melynda Reid. All writing is in Melynda's everyday handwriting, by way of a computer font designed from her handwriting. (Exceptions noted.)

Cards can be ordered in any combination and quantity at the same price per card. Cards are 5.5" tall and 4.25" wide (folded size).

The card before printing is slightly off-white. It has a matte finish which is suitable for writing on.

Three standard options are available:

Plain note cards: Nothing printed on the inside, leaving space for long notes. Blank envelopes are included.

Greeting cards: a printed message and/or art work on the inside, either inside front, inside back, or both. You will contact me to discuss details of message and/or art work. Blank envelopes are included.

Addressed greeting cards: you send me a file of names and addresses, and I'll print them (and a return address) on the envelopes, using the font based on Melynda's handwriting.

To order, email Edward Reid. if you can't email me, call me at +1 850 443 3308. Payment currently is by check or PayPal. See price table below. Prices include ground shipping in the 48 states.

full color flower cardsFull-color flower cards (more details below)

flower cardsWildflower Cards (more details below)

Mother and Child cardsMother and Child cards (more details below)

Description Price per card
Note cards: art on front, info on back, nothing on inside or envelope $2.00
Greeting cards: art on front, info on back, message on inside (possibly with art on inside as well), blank envelopes $3.00
Addressed cards: art on front, info on back, message on inside (possibly with art on inside as well), custom addressed envelopes $4.00

Typical back side

typical back of card

Wildflower cards

Wildflower cards with identification

Mother and Child cards

Mother and Child cards with identification

Full color flower cards

full color flower cards with identification