Day 2 - July 11

Day 2, July 11: I get up about 4:30, as sunrise is at 5:00. We cross the Chatcolet Bridge, meander along the shore of Lake Coeur d'Alêne, and follow the river valley to our camp in Cataldo. Thanks to Greg Presley, a Spokane native, for help with the flower identifications.
Day 2 Sunrise this week was at 5:00 AM, and I was awake by then every morning. Here's the view over the lake a few minutes after sunrise.
Day 2 A few minutes later, this bird started hopping around, and I got one good shot.
Day 2 A few minutes later and brighter, a different direction across the lake.
Day 2 An hour later, the sun is high enough to shine through the trees and reflect off the lake.
Day 2 Looking up from my campsite in the early morning.
Day 2 After breakfast, the first view of the Chatcolet Bridge, the longest bridge on the trail. Nearly anything you read about the Trail of the Coeur d'Alênes…
Day 2 A closer look at the bridge.
Day 2 Starting up the bridge.
Day 2 Entering the main span.
Day 2 The bridge superstructure.
Day 2 Headed down the east side of the main span.
Day 2 There's a long level stretch after descending from the main span.
Day 2 After the bridge, the trail follows the shoreline for several miles. After the first mile, here's a good view looking back at the bridge.
Day 2 Same viewpoint, telephoto.
Day 2 For the next several miles, from the bridge to Harrison, there were many flowers alongside the trail. This is hairy vetch (Vicia villosa). Exotic and…
Day 2 Perennial sweet pea.
Day 2 Probably a native wood rose.
Day 2 The wood rose closer up.
Day 2 No ID.
Day 2 Probably a native geranium.