Day 3 - July 12

Day 3, July 12: Up with the sun again, we visit the oldest extant building in Idaho and ride to our midpoint in Wallace.
Day 3 Our campground, before breakfast. You can't tell from the photo, but the elevated area at the left in the background is I-90. We were warned to bring ear…
Day 3 At the start, we took a side trip to the Old Mission, aka Cataldo Mission, aka Mission of the Sacred Heart. It is the oldest standing building in Idaho,…
Day 3 View from farther back.
Day 3 Looking away from the mission at the state park visitor center.
Day 3 Of almost 50 riders, four of us were on trikes. The trikes started gathering, and here are three.
Day 3 Another view of the mission.
Day 3 The parish house at the old mission
Day 3 Looking down at the river landing at the old mission
Day 3 On the road after leaving the old mission, and looking back at a bridge
Day 3 A puff ball along the trail
Day 3 First of many bridges of similar style that we rode through today. The Chatcolet Bridge over the lake, yesterday, was of similar style, but this is the…
Day 3 Same bridge from inside the superstructure.
Day 3 Along the trail. The next few miles are reputed to be the best part for sighting moose. I did not see any today, but someone in the group did.
Day 3 Another bridge sneaks up.
Day 3 Railroads and Interstate highways both tend to follow river valleys, and the Trail of the Coeur d'AlĂȘnes is a rail-trail. For most of the day we stay…
Day 3 At our lunch stop in Kellogg. Look closely and you can count four trikes. This is almost 10% of the group. Go trikes!
Day 3 Bindweed, a pretty but invasive exotic.
Day 3 Approaching Wallace, our stop for two nights. This is the last bridge prior to arrival.
Day 3 Same bridge showing more of the structure.
Day 3 View from the bridge in the previous photo.