Day 5 - July 14

Day 5, July 14: We take the longest ride of the tour, 50 miles back to Harrison on the shore of Lake Coeur d'Alêne.
Day 5 Though on a rail trail, we sometimes see billboards.
Day 5 Today is the longest ride of the tour, 50 miles. There's a 400' drop in the first ten miles, then flat all the way to Harrison.
Day 5 Still flat. ;-)
Day 5 Suddenly I see a group of cyclists stopped along the trail. Moose! It's the only one I see on the tour, and it's in a ditch and behind weeds, so I see…
Day 5 Same moose, slightly different view. It was moving around but not interested in posing for us.
Day 6 When I saw these flower stalks a way from the trail, my first thought was yucca despite the wrong environment. It's not yucca, but I don't know what it…
Day 5 Same plant as previous photo, telephoto close-up.
Day 5 A bucolic scene along the Coeur d'Alêne River. At first I thought the lumps on the far side were cattle, but the zoom lens contradicted my perception.
Day 5 I thought I had seen some unusual flowers ...
Day 5 ... but later examination of the photo told me, not flowers. I still don't know what they are.
Day 5 In Harrison, view across Lake Coeur d'Alêne at sunset.
Day 5 Most of the group camped here, though I chose the shadier overflow location. In the foreground, we held a group talent show, for which I sang Go Way from…