Day 4 - July 13

Day 4, July 13: With the help of shuttle vehicles, we ride the Route of the Hiawatha, with tunnels and trestles.
Day 4 We ride the Route of the Hiawatha, a gravel rail-trail near but separate from the Trail of the Coeur d'AlĂȘnes. Bikes, trikes, and riders got shuttled to…
Day 4 Another view of the tunnel entrance. The red and yellow safety triangles mark members of the Adventure Cycling group I was part of.
Day 4 Four of us formed a small convoy for safety and comfort through the tunnel. Here's Lori.
Day 4 DJ waiting for our convoy to gather for the tunnel.
Day 4 At the tunnel exit is a pretty waterfall, where we took victory photos.
Day 4 At the tunnel exit, Lori and Dorothy photograph another victor.
Day 4 DJ takes a victory photo for another member of our convoy.
Day 4 The exit from the long tunnel.
Day 4 Now we continue down the trail. There will be ten more tunnels and nine tall trestles. A short section here is wide and open to vehicles, mainly shuttle…
Day 4 Another tunnel. The STOP is a sign that shuttle buses run on this section.
Day 4 Close-up of this tunnel entrance.
Day 4 View of the nearby mountains.
Day 4 First trestle visible from the upper section, looking at the lower section of the trail.
Day 4 More of the upper trail.
Day 4 Still on the vehicular trail section. ;-)
Day 4 The first of the trestles. It's not easy to get an angle to capture the structure.
Day 4 The first trestle, topside.
Day 4 Overhead at the first trestle, signs that the railroad was once electric.
Day 4 Along the trail.
Day 4 Along the trail.